Snoring – A common problem

Many people in the world have the same night-time problem; snoring. Snoring affects the soft tissue in your throat and nasal cavities. Then when you breathe at night, the air flows over the membranes, and can cause them to flap to and fro. This causes the awful noise that can leave you and your loved ones awake forever.

While snoring isn’t detrimental to your health, it can get worse. If the nasal membranes are able to move enough to completely cover the air ways at the back of your throat, then you could have a real problem. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which is what the worse affliction is called, absolutely can affect your well being.

Most young people do not have serious cases of snoring, as the symptom occur with age. When you get older, generally speaking, you increase in weight and decrease muscle mass. This deterioration is what allows the flapping of the membranes in the nasal passages. Men are much more likely to be diagnosed with the affliction than women are.

The actual symptoms of snoring include the soft palate, as well as the tongue, falling into your airways. This stops oxygen from being allowed into the lungs. The only way that this plug can be removed is if you flex the muscles in your tongue or throat. This can open your airways, but you have to wake up to accomplish it, which is the problem. You constantly wake up through the night so that you can breathe properly.

There is treatment for this problem, and your doctor can help you decide if you need to take action. You will be given a physical examination, in which your weight and blood pressure will be looked at. You also need to have your blood tested for thyroid function. You’ll need to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist to discuss potential problems as well as treatment possibilities.

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