Negative calorie foods

OK, I’ll be really frank. One of the biggest reasons people fail to complete a diet is because of the food deprivation. When you are constantly bombarded with images of food and food–related products, it becomes a little difficult to stick to a diet of veggies and unpalatable veggies at that!

So when a close friend of mine started raving about the negative-calorie foods diet, I wasn’t really impressed.

Been there, done that, didn’t work, was my attitude.

But imagine my surprise, when she actually managed to stick to the negative calorie foods diet and lose weight in the bargain. I thought, its time to take a peek at this. A diet which promises to allow you to eat unlimited amounts of selected food so that you can lose weight while eating only those foods, sounded boring. But anything to lose a few pounds!

I did do a little research and here’s what I found,

All foods have calories and they have to be broken down to provide energy to the human body. No food is actually without calories. But according to nutritionists a few foods have calories so tightly tied up that the body expends more calories then the food actually contains to break down the food. So the energy used by the body to digest the negative calorie food is more energy than the food actually contains! The logic being, more the food you eat, more energy utilized by the body and concurrently more weight loss by burning calories.

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