Health and Happiness for the Super Woman.

A fabulous position and a fat paycheck – A great bottom line but disastrous for your waistline! It is a proven fact that today’s hectic schedules and irregular lifestyles are fast heading towards a complete breakdown. Be it your health, your personal life or sensibilities.

Many women do face health problems with all the stress, irregular meals, fast and unhealthy diets plus lack of exercise. The two common problems that result from this are weight gain and burnouts. Here are some superb tips that can guide you in maintaining a lean form and stable mind:

  • Regular mealtimes – Eating at regular mealtimes can keep your unhealthy cravings in check. Your hormones will be balanced and system kept in a good working order. Proper schedules are essential when you have hectic work schedules.
  • Proper meals– Take care to avoid chocolates, colas, fried stuff, fast food and chips. Choose fresh fruit, vegetables and cheese instead. A balanced meal is recommended as it prevents weaknesses and fatigue.
  • A suitable Work-home balance- It is vital to manage an appropriate balance between the workplace and your home. This area is a major trigger for stress. Stress could in-turn lead to unhealthy snacking and hormonal imbalance. A good balance assures that you are well organized and prepared.
  • Taking short walks on your breaks- The short 15 minutes walk during breaks could keep you well refreshed and fit. The exercise ensures better circulation and clears your head.

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