Foods to fight osteoporosis

A good calcium intake is essential to increase the strength of bones. Dairy products are necessary to the body as they contain a good source of calcium. Vitamin D is also required to increase the incorporation of calcium into the blood and into bones. So which types of foods are good for increased calcium uptake into bone? Here’s a comprehensive tip list.

Oil-rich fish, eggs, and yolk are all rich sources of dietary calcium.
Magnesium plays an important role in pulling in calcium into bones. Good sources of dietary magnesium and calcium are found in liver, nuts, sunflower and sesame seeds, almonds, bananas, and green leafy veggies.
Increase your intake of vitamin K to have denser bone and fewer fractures. Vitamin K is naturally found in kale and broccoli.
Eat less salt as salt can leach the extra calcium from your bones weakening them.
Moderate you intake of vitamin A, as large quantities can weaken bone.
Do regular weight bearing exercises and stop smoking.
Don’t drink more than three glasses of alcohol a day and keep a single day of the week free of alcohol-intake.
Large quantities of fizzy drinks will up you phosphoric acid blood levels and to balance it calcium is drawn out of bones. So avoid soft drinks all together.

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